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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 10, 2009


While Monitor used to be one of a very few consulting firms that gave a group case interview, its popularity is increasing (and has been sighted at Andersen Consulting Strategic Services, for one). Insiders are unsure whether the increased incidence of group interviews reveals a renewed emphasis on teamwork and fit, or simply a faster way to sift through applicant pools. In a group interview, between two and five candidates are given a case and asked to present their findings in one hour. A few consultants from the firm remain with the candidates to silently observe their progress.

One important thing to remember is that the group interview is not a zero sum game. "Everyone may get an offer, or no one may get an offer," confirms one consultant. The key with group case interviews is to show your keen organizational and teamwork abilities. Don't bully your fellow candidates, but don't sit back and quietly do as you're told. One recent group case interviewee suggests "Present your thoughts on how to divide the analysis. Listen to what others have to say. If you disagree with their thoughts or estimates, say so, but never be denigrating or rude. Look like you're having a good time. Otherwise, the analysis is pretty similar to a regular case."


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