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by Vault Consulting Editors | December 03, 2009


This one was just too easy to pass up. "To stay at the top, a high performer can never let up. Because no matter what the game, you ever know where the next competitor is coming from," says the voice-over as Tiger Woods sends a cutesy wave over to a potential female competitor. Then the tagline: Go on, be a tiger… Seriously, it's just too easy.

Like their famous spokesman, the folks over at Accenture are a hard-driving (get it?) bunch—at least according to a new video campaign Accenture's put out. Wannabe Accenturites certainly get a feel for the nonstop lifestyle by watching this video, posted to a UK-based website whose stated mission is to "attract teenagers towards education and careers within the IT sector—no easy task when you realize that for teenagers IT is synonymous with the IT crowd!" On the go from the crack of dawn, these consultants barely seem to have a minute to breathe (though they do manage to find time for a quick lunch, community service work—so lucky the camera team happened to be there on that day!—and a trip to the gym). "Just another day at the office for a high performer," says the firm. Just another day.

Interestingly, the UK version of the video, with its pulsing techno beat, is decidedly more hard-driving (and potentially more stress-inducing) than this American version, which opens with one consultant playing a Bach concerto on his violin.

Still unclear on what life is like at Accenture? Says one of the featured consultants, "You've gotta be flexible, gotta be ready to be sent where you need it and ready to work for anyone, anywhere." Another appreciates the interesting and creative, aspects of the job, and the fact that he has full ownership over your work. And, he admits, "I know that everyone wants it done for tomorrow."

Well, hopefully Accenturites won't be so busy that they miss out on this fun little game!


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