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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 20, 2011


Fortune magazine today released its annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list, naming The Boston Consulting Group as the country's second-best source of employee satisfaction. While no other consultancy cracked the top 50, Big Four mainstays Deloitte (63), Ernst & Young (77), and KPMG (86) made the list alongside government consultants Booz Allen Hamilton, which came in 85th place. Tech specialists Accenture brought up the rear respectably, slotting in at number 99.

Fortune praised this year's runner up, citing BCG's commitment to its employees and their communities. BCG employees are "drawn by the firm’s generous pay and a commitment to social work," the publication asserts, giving special attention to BCG's "on-the-ground support in Haiti" post-quake and its work with Save the Children. Fortune also notes that BCG "avoided layoffs in the downturn" and even managed to hire "its largest class of recruits ever in 2010" (though that amounts to just 2 percent job growth).

I will send congratulations to the good people at BCG in the form of this year's survey.

Oh—and what happened to you, Bain and McKinsey? Applications lost in the mail? Carrier pigeons shot dead over Boston?

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