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by Vault Consulting Editors | December 16, 2009


Today, I came across this short profile of Pearl Meyer, founder of compensation consulting firm Pearl Meyer & Partners, and now senior managing director at Steven Hall & Partners, an executive compensation consulting firm that serves as independent outside counsel to boards, compensation committees and management.

The profile is prudent in its subject matter—executive compensation is definitely an issue that's high on the docket right now, what with Bank of America trying to wrangle a new chief, and Goldman Sachs attempting to balance public outrage with its executives' luxury yachts. But I also like what Meyer has to say about being a woman in the business and trying to fit in (she's gone from being the only woman in the board room to seeing women sitting in one-third of officer positions at companies), and on the consulting business in general:

"For several years I felt limited in the amount of progress I was making with boards. I was young. I believed that doing a good job meant being right. I was creative, inventive and technically perfect. But developing a detailed analysis and recommendations wasn't enough. It dawned on me that this part of the job wasn't the end of the journey; it was the beginning. After finding the answer, you need to sell the benefit."


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