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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 17, 2011


For many college students, spring break embodies all that is good in life: white sand beaches, binge drinking, and coed fraternization. But for a lucky few, this year's week of glory could be spent convincing Deloitte recruiters, not beautiful locals, that they're worth shacking up with.

Yes, that's right, it's Maximum Impact: Deloitte's Alternative Spring Break. The firm calls the program "a combination of undergraduate recruiting and volunteerism," and that basically fits the bill. While "learning about the importance of giving back to the community," select undergraduates will also "learn about careers in professional services" and "get an up-close view of Deloitte's people, culture and values." And wait—the fun doesn't stop there! While the students are breaking their backs for the good of all mankind, they'll also be evaluated by Deloitte recruiters who want to "get to know the recruits in an informal setting."

Sounds like a terrible spring break to me.

But that's good news for Deloitte, and the underserved communities which the companies serve. From the 42 colleges and universities Deloitte partners with on Maximum Impact, less than 90 of the best students will get the chance to accompany Deloitte consultants to work sites in Washington, DC and Memphis, TN. 52 of those selected will travel to DC, where Deloitte works with United Way to "help students develop college preparation and work-readiness techniques." In Memphis, the remaining 35 students will team up with the firm and Teach for America to work on "projects that range from reading and vocabulary instruction to assisting teachers in the classroom from the elementary through high school level."

So, in sum, Deloitte is offering a spring break package that offers students Maximum Impact and minimum fun (or, at least, maximum stress). The only students that will likely have any interest in this are nerds, overachievers, or legitimately good people, which are probably exactly the type of people Deloitte wants. And you can't blame them. At least they're helping out.

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