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by Vault Consulting Editors | July 13, 2010


You know it's a good sign when you need to hire recruiters to keep up with hiring demand. Such is the case with Deloitte's federal government practice, which is now starting to benefit greatly from last year's purchase of BearingPoint's public-sector division. Deloitte has made its federal practice a large focus over the past year, and with the addition of BearingPoint's practice, it can now reach more government organizations and offer more services. And even though the integration of the two groups hasn't been completely smooth sailing, the benefits of the acquisition are clear: The firm reported $1.65 in federal revenue this year, up from $1.43 before the acquisition.

To continue serving its broad client base with its expanded service line, Deloitte is now hiring at a frenzied pace. Over the past year, the firm hired almost 1,400 new employees, and is now looking to ramp up by 160-170 per month—specifically in cyber and health care work. Moreover, the firm has nearly doubled its recruiting staff to handle the uptick. Deloitte always offered broader services than BearingPoint, but specifically in the government space, BearingPoint had access to a much larger set of clients and a larger historic footprint. This expanded client base allowed Deloitte to grow consistently, even in a struggling economy.

So for those of you interested in consulting in the federal space, this could be a great opportunity! Check out Deloitte's careers page for more information.


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