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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 28, 2011


It's all business for the esteemed attendees of this year's World Economic Forum at Davos; or so it appeared today in Switzerland, as business leaders from across the world listened groggily to British PM David Cameron extol the virtues of conservative government and economic policy. But not all was as it seemed. Back at the glamorous Hotel Belvedere, the Davos pad-of-choice for the McKinseys, Deloittes and PwCs of the world, McKinsey CEO Dominic Barton was passed out shamefully amidst a bed of glowsticks, cigarette butts, and Four Loko empties. What happened here, you might ask?

To put it simply, McKinsey & Company happened here. While it remains unclear whether or not Dominic Barton was actually too hung-over to attend Cameron's speech today (or whether he even knows what Four Loko is), one thing is certain: McKinsey's legendary Davos ragers totally rock, and this year's was no exception.

This morning, live bloggers started to report the good news. "A few sore heads after the McKinsey party last night," said the Telegraph's Philip Aldrick. "The elite certainly know how to bust a grove," he continued. "Lots of people on the dance floor waving their complimentary glowsticks around and spilling their caipirinhas."

Enthusiasm for the party ran extremely high, with Davos attendees scrambling for invitations and Tweeting to the world that they were, in fact, on the guest list (and thereby among the Forum's elite). The New York Times even reported the presence of a "conga line" at the Belvedere—similar in length, perhaps, to the line of wannabe revelers queued up outside McKinsey's door.

To what lengths is a modest Davos no-name willing to go to gain access to what the Telegraph calls "the party capital of Western Europe", McKinsey's corner of the Belvedere? Check out the epic journey this man-on-a-mission took to rub elbows with the hottest businesspeople around.

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