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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 18, 2010


AlixPartners had added a new name to its roster, and this time it's a big one. While Fritz Henderson didn't impress many with his performance as GM chief during the company's restructuring process, he apparently did enough to suit AlixPartners, which has just brought him on as a contractor. AlixPartners is currently still working on GM's bankruptcy case, although it has stated that Henderson won't lay a hand on that case (some may say he's already done his share).

Fritz Henderson

In other hiring news, KPMG has announced that it is looking to add 3,500 jobs this year—mainly in the advisory business, no less—returning it to pre-recession hiring levels by the end of the year. Michelle Quest, HR leader at KPMG, said, "As a people function, one of the biggest challenges we will have [in 2010] is to retain the talented people we have got internally, and also to try and steal the great people from our competitors and from other industries." The firm aims to hire around 750 new graduates, and has plans to implement a new diversity hiring initiative in July.


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