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by Vault Consulting Editors | April 27, 2011


As the 2011 consulting survey makes its final rounds across the industry, it's time for a bit of sneak-peeking at the results. First up, let's have a look at everyone's favorites: buzz quotes!

For all you survey noobs, we get buzz quotes by asking survey-takers to give their thoughts on firms other than their own. This is 100 percent organic, unadulterated opinion, folks.

And let me tell you, this year's batch doesn't disappoint. As usual, they run the gamut between absolutely hilarious and deeply offensive, so it's been a real joy to dig through 'em to find a few whose subjects you might be able to identify.

Here are 10 that I think you can handle. Each of these telling quotes has a corresponding firm listed (out of order) below. Can you match each buzz quote with the firm that's being described?

•"Sounds like an acne medication."

•"Reminds me of a frat house in a New England college."

•"Rajat Gupta FTW!"

•"Weren't the auditors supposed to stay out of consulting?"

•"Andersen was pretentious, _______ is more chill."

•"Hey, if they can make Qadaffi look good, they can make anyone look good."

•"Are they the government group, or the commercial one?"

•"Fern bar."

•"The other Accenture."

•"A sad ending to a formerly prestigious firm."

The firms: Deloitte Consulting, Booz & Co., LECG, McKinsey, Protiviti, Bain, Accenture, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Monitor Group

We've got uppers, downers, buzz quotes and fun facts to spare. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for much more sneak-peeking at the results of the Vault 2011 Consulting Survey!


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