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by Vault Consulting Editors | April 30, 2010


Having asked consultants to comment on their competitors in our 2010 Consulting Survey, it's not surprising to read that many have less-than-stellar things to say. Here are some of the catty epithets that have been unleashed on a few of last year's top-10 firms. Remember that firms are not allowed to rank themselves in terms of prestige (which might help explain where some of this aggression stems from).

Animal House

"Cannot execute their own strategy recommendations"

"Firm trains people to be ultra competitive, but people leaving the firm are unable to adjust to other cultures"

"We're picking up a lot of their former clients, who are now in need of results instead of nice presentations"

"Type-A, Type-A, Type-A"

"Seem to really promote a love of the firm by making your life about the firm"

"The only women I met there were the receptionists"

"Very smart analytical guys with little personality"

"Nerds, antisocial"

"Polished, a bit process bound"

"Braniacs trying to invent cold fusion"

"A fraternity in every sense of the word"

"Disorganized, very time intensive, archaic culture"

"Dead in the water"

"Has the name, but the majority of employees are unimpressive"

"Cutthroat, in financial trouble"


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