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by Vault Education Editors | June 30, 2011


If you are considering submitting an app to Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business, know this: This particular MBA program wants students who are decent, considerate, humanitarian folk, MBAs with ethics on their mind.

Plato and Aristotle, two ethical guys

Mendoza’s MBA admissions director Brian Lohr:

That emphasis on ethics is going to come through, no matter what level you are. It is a very strong aspect of the Mendoza community. It comes from the top. [Mendoza Dean] Carolyn Woo is an absolutely tremendous leader and she emphasized from summer 1997 to present day that we're not going to take any shortcuts and do anything that could be construed as unethical. Our MBAs do things the right way and we train them to do the right thing. We're not in the business of giving them the answer to every ethical question … we give them the framework and practice in how to handle those situations.

On the types of applicants admitted to Mendoza:

We are looking for candidates who are academically qualified in what we call "consideration of others." Nearly every single Notre Dame MBA candidate is involved in community service prior to their arrival on our campus and while they're students. And that's a very important aspect of our school—to give back to those who are less fortunate.



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