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by Vault Education Editors | December 23, 2010


There have been few occasions in the history of the modern undergrad in which soon-to-be graduates have faced such uncertain job prospects as they face today. As the national unemployment figure hovers around double digits, young people continue to bear a disproportionate burden of hiring freezes, deferments and layoffs. On top of that, tuition fees continue to rise steadily across the country; many recent grads now face the prospect of both a jobless and debt-laden first few steps out of college.

Yet, life has begun to stir anew in the jobs market. As hiring starts to gain momentum in 2011, young, educated jobseekers stand to benefit from a flood of new opportunities. With a few years worth of young talent back-loaded on recruitment rosters, recent graduates could well see themselves the targets of a human capital feeding frenzy.

Whether in times of frenzy or famine, we've got the tools you'll need to make the most of whatever situation you might encounter. 2010 was a year in which many learned some important and difficult lessons; here, on the cusp of 2011, it's time to put that newfound wisdom to good use.

Without further ado, the year's 10 must-see reflections for the undergraduate jobseeker:

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- Sam Reynolds


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