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by Vault Education Editors | December 23, 2010


For most law school students and recent grads, this year did not bring many glad tidings. The legal job market did not much budge and looks not to for at least another year. The law schools, on the other hand, heard The Good News, as students continue to apply in droves (nearly as many people took the LSAT as did last year's record number). The desire to go to law school is growing—knowing that, I thought it would be a neighborly gesture to compile 10 posts from this year in the form of necessary questions any prospective law student should ask before applying.


Which law schools have the best employment prospects?

Which law schools are tops in employment by region and by metro?

What factors do people consider when choosing a law school?

How is law school recruiting changing?

When will the legal job market pick up?

Why are some law firms turning down top talent?

Should you always go to the best school you get into?

Will retroactively raising GPAs hurt student job placement?

What harsh truths did the class of 2010 have to give about current job prospects?

Why is the LSAT the most important part of your application?


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