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by Vault Education Editors | December 06, 2010


 With the release of first-round interview invitations and the subsequent increase in pressure on MBA candidates, we present a five-part series with our friends at mbaMission to help applicants decompress and thoughtfully manage the MBA interview process. In this fifth and last entry on business school interviews, mbaMission founder Jeremy Shinewald discusses the importance of presenting yourself well and following etiquette during your MBA interviews.

Managing the MBA Interview Part 5: Appropriate Interview Etiquette


Thus far, in our series, we have mainly discussed how you should prepare to respond to interview questions. But, of course, presentation is crucial as well. After all, if you answer your questions well, but do not present yourself well, your interviewer may feel that you lack the maturity/professionalism necessary to succeed post-business school. So, in our final installment in our interview series, we answer four questions that often bedevil applicants with respect to interview etiquette. READ MORE


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