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by Vault Education Editors | June 14, 2010


This spring, we surveyed over 3,500 law students about their associate, internship, fellowship and other summer job experiences. Of the current students who had completed their 2L summer, almost 60 percent reported that they participated in a summer program. Here's what they had to say about the interview, training, pay and full-time job prospects:

Yes. Great experience. I learned that law school, while great at teaching students how to think, did not do such a good job at preparing for practical legal practice.

It was a wonderful experience. I worked on over 10 assignments and worked very closely with my partner advisor on various projects. Lots of great experience. The interview process was pretty relaxed.

Received a 2L summer associate gig at a V50 in the Bay Area through 2L Fall OCI, but was no-offered at the end of summer. Firm took about 60% and I didn't make the cut. Got good reviews and references, but not enough work. No job prospects currently.

I was a summer associate in New York. It was really cool. They spent a lot of money on us even in the depths of the recession.

Yes. I received a diversity fellowship through a law firm my 1L year. My 2L year I participated in OCI and landed a summer associate position with another law firm. I received an offer from my 2L firm and will work there after I graduate.

I chose not to participate in associate programs. My first summer I worked for the Law Review. My second summer I received a fellowship from the school to study issues of my own choosing.

I was a summer clerk for a federal district judge. I basically handled all the chores a full time law clerk would handle. I read the parties' briefs, researched the issues, and type up memorandum opinions. It was an unpaid position.

Yes, I participated in the summer associate program. It was the best experience. I worked on real matters. I had opportunities to receive detailed feedback from the supervising partners and associates.

I will have participated every summer of my law school career. I work in the criminal sector of public interest law, and I was fully funded by on-campus groups for both summers. I have worked at very prestigious offices in criminal law.


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