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by Vault Education Editors | June 08, 2010


Of the thousands of MBA students we surveyed this spring, 60 percent said they would participate in at least one internship before graduation. Of those, only 62 percent had or will have jobs squared away at graduation. Hear what some current business school students have to say about their internship experiences, and whether they got a full-time offer:

"I choose to intern with a large Fortune 50 company in Finance, turning down two other offers. The interview process for my selected program consisted of two rounds, both via phone, asking primarily behavioral questions. The company did an excellent job of providing good compensation, a mentoring program, great on-the-job experience, and social events with other interns. They made offers to the majority of their interns for full-time positions."

"I completed an internship as an MBA. I went to various career fairs and interviewed with three of the top consumer packaged goods companies. I will be returning to the company this summer with full-time compensation over $50,000 greater than when I entered business school."

"I interned for a boutique wealth management firm in the DC area and had a great experience...This experience helped me land my dream job with a bulge bracket firm."

"Learned a lot, it was the best experience of my education. No full time employment opportunities exist there at this time, but were willing to give me glowing recommendations."

"In terms of full-time employment, the company does make offers to interns as the primary full-time recruiting process, and I was fortunate enough to receive an offer to start in July 2010."

"The compensation is good in comparison to many other opportunities that I considered, and the summer internship could lead to full-time employment assuming I successfully complete the requirements of the summer program."


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