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by Vault Education Editors | February 17, 2011


The biggest influencing factors when students consider attending law school are the institution's prestige and its location, according to a Vault law school survey. The fact that these two factors weigh so significantly into an applicant's decision-making process shows just how difficult it can be when weighing the different and very personal pros and cons of going to a regional law school against those of attending a national law school. What are the benefits, challenges of each? The myths? How does the current legal market affect your decision?

Listen up as Vault's Brian Dalton, and four law school deans, explain in this podcast the basics of what you need to know about the differences between regional and national law schools. Even if your question is, What's a regional and national law school?   


This is just a three-minute preview. To hear the rest go here.

[Law School Podcaster]


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