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by Vault Education Editors | September 16, 2010


Hello, economy! I've been told it's all your fault. All your fault that it's so hard to get into law school, all your fault that Democrats are going to lose in the midterm, and all your fault that intelligent, capable finance majors and minors can't find a banking internship to save their lives. Be nicer, please.

Hello, intelligent, capable finance majors and minors who can't find a banking internship to save their lives! I'm sorry for your plight (I hear it's the economy's fault), but onwards and upwards. Let's discuss your internship plans. If you want to work in finance later, it follows that you should try to find an internship where you get the experience you need to score the finance position the next go-round. And, luckily for you, there are plenty of non-banking finance internships where you'll get the experience you need! Well OK, "plenty" might be a strong word. But they do exist, and in greater numbers than you might think.

Happy finance intern in a government internshipI scoured the Vault Internship Database for some top-of-the-line examples of each category. Check out the profiles below, or, if you'd prefer, rifle through the full Vault internship offerings yourself.

Finance internships with the government:

The government is one of your best resources for non-banking exposure to finance. And the big programs, though they are the easiest to find, are not your only options. You can also volunteer or intern with a Congressperson who is active within the House or Senate Finance Committee, for example.

  • Federal Reserve Board
  • United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Finance internships with insurance companies:

This one is fairly intuitive, though I have to admit that I wouldn't have come up with it on my own. Maybe you and the Gecko can share an office!

  • Geico
  • Metlife
  • Protective Life Corporation

Finance internships in technology/online:

Technology firms are a great place to look for non-banking-related finance internships. And if the internet has room for this, then it can find a place for you.

  • GE
  • Intel Corporation Finance and Accounting
  • Paychex
  • Yahoo! Inc.

Finance internships in...huh?

Really, finance is important in all sectors. Case and point:

  • Ford Models

--Written by Madison Priest


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