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by Vault Education Editors | November 05, 2009


Super Lawyers--a magazine that ranks the top U.S. lawyers (or "super lawyers") and covers different legal industry trends--recently released its lists of the 2009 top law schools for producing super lawyers. To make the lists, the magazine ranked the super lawyers by state and then used their alma maters to compile the top 10 law schools for each state.

Unfortunately, because Super Lawyers only ranks the schools by state (with the exception of the New York metro area), students don't get a sense of where the strongest alumni network for their school really is. If they were ranked by city, students could see where their school had the most successful lawyers. For students interested in NYC, I've included the top 10 law schools for producing super lawyers in the New York metro area below. Not surprisingly, NYU Law and Columbia produce the most NYC super lawyers. The only out-of-state law schools with a high number of super lawyer alumni in NYC are Harvard, Yale, Georgetown and Penn Law.

Top 10 Law Schools in New York Metro Super Lawyers 2009

RankLaw SchoolGraduatesPercent of Total
1New York University School of Law56114
2Columbia Law School49112
3Harvard Law School42511
4Fordham University School of Law2927
5Brooklyn Law School2376
6Yale Law School1694
7St. John's University School of Law1664
8Georgetown University Law Center1293
9University of Pennsylvania Law School1033
10Hofstra University School of Law952


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