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by Vault Education Editors | October 19, 2009


Just because the summer is over doesn't mean your internship has to be! Many companies offer internship programs during the academic year that allow students to gain work experience while attending classes. Often more flexible than summer internships, these positions enable participants to work part time and sometimes receive academic credit for their work.

Internships that take place during the school year may even have some advantages over those in the summer. For instance, academic-year programs are generally smaller than their summer counterparts, which can give you more opportunities to stand out--and score a full-time job offer. Since companies often hire fewer interns in the colder months, take this time to show your manager what an asset you can be to the organization. Networking opportunities also increase, as there are fewer interns around with whom you have to compete for attention.

Other advantages include the chance to perform more hands-on work and be more intimately involved with the company. During the off season, intern tasks tend to be more in line with what full-time employees do on a daily basis, such as juggling several assignments at once. Plus, if you work for an extended period of time, you'll get the chance to see a project completed in its entirety, rather than just the small percentage of it you'd be a part of during the summer.

By supplementing school work with an academic year internship, you'll be able to showcase your ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. So, look for an internship during the school year and you might be able to spend your summers at the beach instead of in the boardroom.

-Posted by Rebecca Zissou


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