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by Vault Education Editors | June 11, 2009


Grueling study schedules and ramen noodle breakfasts aside, most people enjoy the time they spend in school. The education editors at Vault should know, as we read thousands of survey responses each year from students across the country and world for our Law School Buzz Book, Business School Buzz Book and College Buzz Book.

Obviously, we can't publish every survey we receive. Some are too long, others too short. And others are just...too much! This year, we have kept an ongoing document of our favorite surveys, and are going to share them with you over a series of posts on Admit One. Today, we've assembled some of our favorite survey responses from the 2009 law school student survey.

Bar review aside, law school students aren't known for having rockstar social lives. But these future JDs make other law schools look like a trip to Disneyworld.

"About 80% of people are in a relationship so if you're single, tough luck, that hottie you had your eye on just got engaged."

"The bar scene is still odd. It's just not normal...It's just that, sometimes, we feel like Hawkeye from MASH."

"Here, you have two choices of activities. Drink alcohol or study. Personally, I drink while I study."

"I am a hermit."

--Posted by Megan Cassidy


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