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by Access Group | March 10, 2009


Here are some suggestions on how to increase your resources without borrowing more student loans:

  • Work part-time while in school (within limits established by your program of study).
  • Work during all vacation periods and save as much as you can to pay for your in-school expenses.
  • Try to obtain Federal Work Study.
  • Ask your family for assistance.

Here are some suggestions on how to cut your expenses:

  • Find a roommate to share housing and other living expenses. A single apartment can substantially increase your debt burden.
  • Consider reducing entertainment expenses, such as dining out.
  • Look into economical entertainment options within your school's community. Call the local recreation department or talk to fellow students.
  • Consider public transportation. In the long run, it may be cheaper to rent a car for occasional excursions than it is to pay for insurance, parking, and fuel.
  • Know where to find the local discount stores. Use coupons. Look for sales.
  • Refrain from taking on further debt such as credit cards or consumer loans.


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