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by Vault Education Editors | April 07, 2011


Ash Sinha, the Columbia Business School student and son of an Indian diplomat who in a crapulent rage kicked, punched and bit a random woman outside the school’s main campus gates, is one lucky lady beater. Prosecutors are holding off on indicting the 28 year old arraigned on felony and misdemeanor assault charges via video hookup from the psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital. A plea deal is expected with Sinha trying to avoid a criminal record.

Around midnight on April 2 or 3, court papers say that Sinha drunkenly beat the random pedestrian in front of a crowd of some 20 onlookers, a group of whom pulled Sinha off the victim. He was detained by public safety until the police arrived. One of the officers was kicked in the face as Sinha was being put into an ambulance.

The Columbia Spectator notes: “A Facebook profile shows that Sinha, from New Delhi, India, previously attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he studied finance, statistics and computer science.”

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