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by Vault Education Editors | February 18, 2011


 The resume, much like the online profile, attempts to reveal a lot with very little. Each piece matters, every word counts. While endless hours are spent cultivating, tending to our Facebook profiles, ask yourself this: Have I put the same level of effort and vanity into my resume? Chances are, you haven't, and that's why your resume probably isn't what it should be: the ultimate one-page representation of your professional self, or something near that. Now, you might be thinking, well, I never learned how to write a resume, or, this resumespeak, it's a different language and I don't know it. Precisely! That's why we're here to help you fix that thing you call a resume.

Every now and then, I post resumes from real people—names and other identifying details withheld at the discretion of the participant. They are critiqued, commented on and revised.

This time, Igor Khayet of My Resume Shop, shows a college senior considering consulting, economic research and think tank work that he can't focus his resume in so many directions. This resume revision will focus on economic or strategy consulting work.      







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