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by by Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions | March 10, 2009


It's no secret that preparation plays a huge role in test success. If you're aiming to ace any sort of exam, you'll undoubtedly invest time in learning the test layout, familiarizing yourself with question types and reviewing important content. Another critical part of effective preparation, however, is being ready not only to address the test itself, but also to anticipate the testing environment. You must manage natural test day jitters, and you have to be able to overcome challenges presented by factors that are out of your control -- noise, temperature, security issues, and, in the case of the GMAT, the particular hurdles presented by the computer adaptive format, among other things.

To help prospective business school students anticipate these challenges and alleviate the anxiety they can inspire, the Ultimate Practice Test enables GMAT students preparing for the exam through Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions to take a practice run of the test in Pearson Professional centers -- the same centers that administer the real GMAT on test day. Now, for the first time ever, GMAT students can practice under real test conditions -- before taking the actual exam.

The Ultimate GMAT Practice Test is designed to give students valuable exposure to the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), which can be difficult for even experienced test-takers, as the level of difficulty increases with each correct response. By familiarizing themselves with the exam in a realistic setting, GMAT students can offset the anxiety the adaptive test creates. Realistic practice is crucial to success on the GMAT exam, and full-length practice adaptive exams including the Ultimate Practice Test are the most realistic way to practice.

Register early

Pearson Vue testing centers fill up -- particularly in the fall. Register early for the real GMAT to ensure that you get the time and location that you want. Register for the Ultimate Practice Test early for the same reason.

Keep identification requirements in mind and come prepared

You are required to present acceptable valid ID upon arrival at the test center. ID verification may include thumb printing, photographing, videotaping, or other forms of electronic ID confirmation. If you refuse to participate, you will not be permitted to take the test. Your ID must be current and contain the following:

  • your name exactly as provided when you made your test appointment
  • a recent, recognizable photograph
  • date of birth
  • your signature

If your ID does not include all four elements, or if your test administrator has reason to question the validity of your ID, you will be required to present additional ID that contains the missing or questionable element(s). If the name on your ID does not match the name on your test appointment, the test administrator has the right to turn you away from the testing center, not allowing you to take the exam. When you register to take your test, be sure that the name under which you register clearly matches the name on your ID.

Additionally, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement at the Test Center. Your signature is required. If you do not sign the statement, you will not be permitted to take the test and you will forfeit your test fee.

What not to bring

You will not be permitted to use "testing aids" during the test session or during breaks. Testing aids include, but are not limited to:

  • notes
  • scratch paper
  • calculators or watch calculators
  • stop watches or watch alarms
  • beepers or phones
  • pens or other writing utensils (pencils are provided at the test center)
  • rulers or any other measuring device
  • personal data assistants (PDAs)
  • photographic devices
  • stereos or radios
  • any other electronic devices
  • books or pamphlets
  • dictionaries, translators or thesauruses
The scoop on scratch work

The administrator will provide you with a booklet of 5 noteboards for scratch work that may be replaced after you have used them all. You may not remove these from the testing room. All scratch work must be returned at the end of the test session.

What not to do

The test administrator is authorized to dismiss you from a test session for:

  • Attempting to take the test for someone else
  • Failing to provide acceptable identification
  • Creating a disturbance
  • Giving or receiving unauthorized help
  • Eating or drinking during the test
  • Using test aids of any kind
  • Accessing your locker during the exam
  • Exceeding the time permitted for scheduled breaks
  • Leaving the test center
  • Attempting to remove scratch paper from the testing room
  • Attempting to tamper with the operation of the computer
  • Attempting to remove test questions from the testing room
  • Refusing to follow directions The Ultimate Practice Test is administered under conditions identical to those of the actual GMAT test day. Plan to take the GMAT within two weeks of taking the Ultimate Practice Test. Give yourself some time to review your performance, but remember, the Ultimate Practice Test experience is a dry run once you have already mastered your Kaplan material and strategies.

    Take the Ultimate Practice Test as if it were the real GMAT. Kaplan gives you this unique opportunity to experience test day before it counts. Plan in advance to take this at a time that you can commit to. Follow the routine that you expect to follow on test day -- eat the same breakfast, take the same route to the facility, plan to arrive at the location 30 minutes early, make a checklist of things to bring.

    It pays to be prepared. Seize the opportunity to take a practice test in the actual center in which you'll take the real test.

    To enroll in a Kaplan GMAT course and become eligible to take the Ultimate Practice Test, visit

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