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by Vault Education Editors | June 24, 2011


You may have thought there was a business degree for practically everyone out there, but you’d be wrong. Back in the dark ages of business education, there was but one gateway to credentialed management mastery. Nowadays, there are business degrees for part-timers, onliners, executives, people with specialties, those who want joint or dual MBAs, and even business degrees for recent grads with no real work experience at all. And yet, even with all these choices, there has been one segment of the population for whom an MBA may have seemed out of reach: Celebrities! No longer.

George Washington University School of Business recently announced its new STAR Executive MBA program, created to serve those with nontraditional higher education paths. Which is a way of saying it’s for people who pursued their careers, successfully, before earning their college degree. Currently enrolled are former Olympian Dominique Dawes, and ex-NFLers Samari Rolle, Duane Starks and the awesomely named Hannibal Naves. From BW:

Prospective celebrities and athletes apply to the program as any student would. No college degree? No problem. According to GW’s website, students who have not completed their undergrad degrees will get the aid and guidance they need to do so before applying to the program. Can’t make it to class? No biggie. The program is designed to be flexible, so schedules can be rearranged as long as the student meets a certain number of contact hours.

Given the neverending instances of celebrities and athletes going broke, could enrolling in this program help them evade the fate of so many professional athletes and use their power and influence to create community-aiding businesses? Let’s hope so.    

You may remember that P Diddy said last year that he wanted to start a business school in Harlem. Maybe he should start his own STAR EMBA. At the least, it would appeal to his LOVE OF CAPS LOCK.

[GWU via BW]


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