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by Vault Education Editors | January 20, 2010


First there was the iPhone app to choose a law school. Now there's an iPhone app to help you study for the bar exam when you graduate. BarMax helps users study for the California bar with online lectures, outlines, practice tests and exams, flashcards and email support. Studying on a 2 inch by 3 inch screen is certainly not ideal, but could be a helpful additional study aid to fit in reviewing legal terms into a busy schedule.

BarMax iPhone app Many graduating law students elect to take a BarBri class to help study for the bar exam. BarBri is the leading bar review provider and includes a grueling nine weeks of classes. The course is a full-time job, or continuation of your law school education if you prefer. Students take classes five or six days a week and are expected to study for almost seven or eight hours a day. It'd be hard to accommodate that with any type of work schedule.

The BarMax app costs $1,000, much more than your usual iPhone app. But as Edible Apple points out, it is significantly less than the cost of a BarBri course. In California, a BarBri course will set you back $3,600. If you want to add BarBri iPhone study aids like those of BarMax, it'll cost you $750 more, bringing the total cost to $4,350. "You don't need a classroom experience to pass the bar, you just need the right material to study…" says Edible Apple, "And all of a sudden, $1,000 doesn't seem so expensive after all."


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