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March 10, 2009


Much of the time, graduate degrees are required for advancement up the career ladder in IT. A graduate degree means that a student has gained an elevated skill set through a long-term commitment, intellect, and communication skills. Many companies have tuition reimbursement programs for their employees, because they understand the value of having workers with continuing education degrees.

Although they will help in most positions and job hunts, continuing education and graduate programs particularly suit the IT positions below:

Computer hardware engineers: Continuing education is crucial to staying on top of the latest technology trends. Graduate degrees in engineering or business administration help engineers to learn new technologies as well as other valuable but non-technical skills. Graduate degrees are required for faculty positions and research and development programs.

Systems analysts, computer scientists, and database administrators: For a better chance in the job market, jobseekers here should obtain graduate degrees in computer science, computer engineering, or an MBA with a concentration in information systems. Computer and information scientists must have a doctoral degree to find work.

Computers and information systems managers: Employers here prefer a candidate with a graduate degree, especially an MBA with technology as a core component.


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