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by Vault Education Editors | November 29, 2010


With the release of first-round interview invitations and the subsequent increase in pressure on MBA candidates, we are presenting a five-part series with our friends at mbaMission to help applicants decompress and thoughtfully manage the MBA interview process. In this fourth entry, mbaMission founder Jeremy Shinewald explains how to “spin” your stories to fit different interview questions.


Managing the MBA Interview Part 4: View Each Story Through a Different Lens

Many MBA candidates try to memorize their interview responses in advance and unsurprisingly find themselves fumbling as they struggle to adapt to slightly different iterations of expected questions. So, we absolutely do not recommend memorizing responses, but instead suggest that you develop a mental list of stories that you feel are important for you to tell and then try to incorporate your strongest stories/strengths into your interview. If, for example, your experience as a youth soccer coach is an important story for you, you could work it into the interview as an example of leadership, teamwork, etc. when such a question is asked or these topics are raised. Your stories are far more flexible than you might realize and can be “spun” if need be. READ MORE


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