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by Vault Education Editors | March 15, 2011


Who is most bananas?  

(A) A man who travels over 14,500 miles roundtrip every other weekend, from Dubai to Chicago, and will travel over 20 million miles, spending over $180K on airfare alone, so he can get his executive MBA from Northwestern, doing so because he is sure the returns will bear out his investment.

(B) A woman who every other week makes the 3,000 mile trek from D.C. to Austin, TX, but doesn’t mind so much because it provides her with a method of compartmentalizing her schooling from her stressful job, and because the price tag at UT-Austin is $20K less than at Georgetown.

(C) A man who lives and works in the Cayman Islands, who, even after his employer stopped fronting tuition costs for employees, and after the airlines stopped offering direct flights to Ithaca, NY, decided to continue on with his EMBA program at Cornell.

(D) A man from Singapore, married a year and a half ago, who tests his marriage when he commutes to Toronto for his global EMBA program at Rotman, or disappears for extended periods of time for immersion weeks in Brazil, China or Hungary.

(E) A man who lives in Seoul, Korea, commutes 12 hours to Wharton’s west coast campus in San Francisco, spends over $3,000 a month on plane tickets, needs to rent a second apartment near school, and goes through all that because “in Korea, the name of the school one attends is a big deal.”



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