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by Vault Education Editors | November 12, 2010


Businessweek released its 2010 rankings for the best full-time U.S. business schools yesterday. Chicago's Booth retained the top spot over Harvard since the last ranking in 2008. Wharton and Kellogg swapped places in the third and fourth position, and Stanford rounded out the top five. You can check out the rest of the BW top 57 here.

The rankings were unveiled through a live chat feature, and were followed by a survey-representative-led Q&A session, where a lot of interesting bits were revealed. Here are some.

- Student satisfaction went up at a lot of schools. Considering the level of expectations the class of 2008 was dealing with, not surprising.

- Career services are still a source of dissatisfaction for students at many schools.

- Two New York-based schools, Columbia and NYU, both dropped, as a result of reduced student satisfaction.

- Chicago's Booth has a good lead over the other schools.

- Top 5 Schools in student satisfaction were: 1. Darden, 2. Chicago, 3. MIT, 4. Berkeley, 5. Harvard

- Georgia Tech provides a lot of personal attention--97 percent had job offers three months out.

- Southern Methodist University's surprising twelfth-place ranking is attributable to the love recruiters have for SMU.

    You should remember, though, when looking at the rankings chart, that some categories were not used to calculate the rankings--specifically, the pre-MBA and post-MBA pay categories, which were self-reported by the schools.


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