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by Vault Education Editors | September 15, 2010


Holy moly, Batman! Deans of law schools, business schools and universities are dropping (and being replaced) like flies. For this week's In the News edition, we've decided to give you a special report on all the changings of the guards. Without further ado, a run-down of some (though by no means all) of the key shifts.

The Comings (which are obviously also goings):

INSEAD business school names its new dean: Dipak Jain, former dean of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, will start in March 2011.

Nancy A. Bagranoff joined the University of Richmond's Robins School of Business on August 9th.

Kellye Testy, law dean at Seattle University for the past five years, is, as of a few weeks ago, officially the University of Washington School of Law's first female dean in its 110-year history.

Suffolk University Law School chose Camille A. Nelson as its new dean in June. She started on the first of September, with start of the new school year.

Nitin Nohria just started at Harvard Business School, and he's already making waves.

David Van Zandt, former Northwestern Law School dean is the new dean of the New SchoolDavid E. Van Zandt--current dean of the Northwestern University School of Law--was tapped last month as the new dean of the New School.

David Meyer, previously the associate dean for academic affairs and a law professor at the University of Illinois, joined Tulane Law School on July 1st.

Kay Palan just started as the new dean of Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business.

Phoebe A. Haddon joined the University of Maryland payroll last year as the first African-American dean of the School of Law.

Daphne Taras of the University of Saskatchewan moved up through the ranks this July, when she was appointed the new dean of the business school.

Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management fingered Sally Blount, NYU Stern's vice dean and Kellogg alumna, as its new dean last March.

Former dean of UCLA School of Law Michael H. Schill officially signed on with the University of Chicago Law School on New Year's Day 2010.

Nell Jessup Newton, who hails from the UC Hastings College of the Law, started on July 1st as the Joseph A. Matson Dean of Notre Dame Law School."

Robert C. Post, Yale Law School Class of 1977 and member of the Yale faculty since 2003, assumed his responsibilities as Dean and Sol and Lillian Goldman Professor of Law at Yale Law School this July.

William Treanor, recently of Fordham University, joined Georgetown University last month.

Another first for the ladies: Cynthia L. Fountaine, the first female dean since Southern Illinois University School of Law's founding in 1973, began her post this fall.

Harvard Law SchoolJuly 1st was Martha Minow's first day as Harvard Law School's dean.

Drucilla Stender Ramey started August 1st as the Golden Gate University School of Law's Dean-elect.

And the Goings:

Come the 2011/2012 school year, Walter F. Pratt Jr. will no longer be dean of the University of South Carolina's School of Law.

After Dean Dorothy Denburg's resignation this summer, Barnard is still on the look-out for a new dean.

Edward A. Snyder, who announced his decision to step down as Dean and George Shultz Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business last fall, will start his new gig as dean of Yale SOM in summer 2011.

The dean of the Law School at University of Wisconsin, Kenneth Davis, resigned last Wednesday.

The University of Miami's Barbara E. Kahn will bid the School of Business Administration good-bye on January 15th.


--Written by Madison Priest


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