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by Vault Education Editors | September 01, 2009


September is here! Well, sort of. Though the month schools open their doors to students has begun, it's still the week before Labor Day, which most people in the working world call "summer's last hoorah," a/k/a when everyone is on vacation.

At Vault, however, we're gearing up to release a number of new education guides for the admissions season, including the Law School Buzz Book, Business School Buzz Book, Vault Guide to Top Internships, Vault/CGSM Guide to Business School Diversity and more. Which means we're all here, and much too busy to go on holiday--or think of original blog posts. Luckily for the education team, there have been lots of lists and rankings released in the wake of the U.S. News America's Best Colleges list for us to write about.

One such list is by GQ, called "America's 25 Douchiest Colleges." The ranking is a joke, written to poke fun of top schools and their stereotypes. Still, it can be valuable to know what the reputations are for different schools and their students. Though you shouldn't let stereotypes determine where you decide to matriculate, they can give you a sense for the prominent personality on campus. Plus if you, like me, are an alumna of one of the top 25, you can laugh at how dead-on GQ's highlights are, or aren't.

GQ: America's 25 Douchiest Colleges

  1. Brown University
    Affectations: A belief that grades, majors, and course requirements are just another form of cultural hegemony; using the word hegemony.
  2. Duke University
    Affectations: Pressed oxford; Goldman Sachs summer-internship tote; always ending the party by taking your shirt off and wrestling a guy named Schmitty.
  3. Princeton University
    A peek inside: Most Ivy Leaguers try (unconvincingly) not to mention which college they went to. Not at Princeton.
  4. Harvard University
  5. Deep Springs College
  6. Bob Jones University
  7. Amherst College
    Affectations: Quiet sense of superiority; intense desire to be surrounded by 1,700 people almost exactly like you; Choate soccer jacket.
  8. Rollins College
  9. Charter College, Wasilla
  10. University of Colorado-Boulder
  11. New York University
  12. University of Phoenix
  13. University of Georgia
    Prized possession: White bulldog with notarized papers proving a bloodline to Uga IV.
  14. Arizona State University
  15. University of Notre Dame
  16. University of Southern California
  17. University of Chicago
  18. Boston University
  19. Ohio State University
    Overheard at Buckeye career-building workshop: "You can put 'Won a national championship' on a resume, right?"
  20. Morehouse College
  21. Trinity College
  22. Vassar College
  23. Randolph-Macon College
  24. University of Texas at Austin
  25. University of Virginia
    Overheard in the bleachers: "Well, at least our football players actually go to class and--hey, Dylan, this mint julep is outstanding."


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