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by Vault Education Editors | November 22, 2010


Reputation, Harold Brodkey said, was the great American art form. And higher education is, usually, where it's first staked (What college did you go to?). Soon after that, it's supported by your job (Where do you work? What do you do?). Simply strike up a conversation with someone new at a party or social gathering, and see how instantly one or both of these questions confronts you.

We all harbor a certain level of competitive status anxiety, but let's not be further stoked by this dubious Business Insider article about how recruiters only look for candidates with Ivy League pedigree. Not that the article was meant to be much more than provocation, anyways: Consider the shadow sources, scant length and suspicious link to featured content as evidence. That many recruiters are dazzled by the cachet certain big name schools carry is obvious. As obvious as the fact that there are many recruiters not as easily impressed just by the presence alone of words like Princeton or Harvard on a candidate's résumé.



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