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by Vault Education Editors | June 10, 2009


Inside Higher Ed published an article today about Masik Collegiate Fragrances, a perfume company that has created scents based on different U.S. universities, including UNC, Penn State and LSU. Each fragrance is meant to be the "signature scent" of the university, based on things like the school colors, mascot, campus architecture and foliage, traditions and history. LSU's scent, for example, is a combination of plum, honey and golden bourbon, based on the university's purple and gold colors. While many students may feel that the smell of beer and pizza would be more applicable to their college experience, many alums will shell out the $60 for rose-tinted--or scented--memory of their alma mater.

While there are no Masik scents yet for the Ivy League, The Campus Kings have gotten licensing to produce Yale shoes. So you can wear your school pride on your shoes instead of behind your ears.


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