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by Vault Education Editors | June 13, 2011


"I realized fairly early on that I'd probably make a better prosecutor than a police officer," he said on a recent afternoon. "I'm better at spotting logical fallacies than guns concealed in waistbands."

Heh. Adam Braskich, Baltimore city cop, and sayer of the above quote, is heading to Cambridge, Mass. to attend Harvard Law School, after which he plans to return to Baltimore, maybe as a prosecutor. In a city of almost 3000 police, only two currently hold a law degree, according to the Baltimore Sun article.

Harvard Law’s chief admissions officer Josh Rubenstein was quoted as saying Harvard is "looking to build a really talented and diverse class." And: "There is no real hierarchy of experience. We think there is incredible value in getting people with a range of experience."

Before heading off to Harvard, Braskich’s bosses are letting him spend a few weeks in the homicide unit, hoping “he uses that experience to become a better prosecutor.”

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