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by Vault Education Editors | June 03, 2011


Babson has a brand new curriculum more suited for today’s entrepreneurial business environment. The altered core curriculum now maintains a consistency of faculty and courses across all the school’s MBA program—12-month, 24-month, evening, blended—ensuring that all Babson grads will emerge into their careers with the same skills and experiences.

The revamped curriculum focuses on three things: entrepreneurial leadership, collaborative work/leadership, and the role of technology in today’s business landscape.

"We teach our students that in order to really become effective, you cannot wait for information," [Babson's dean Raghu] Tadepalli explains. "This notion of not waiting for opportunities, but really seizing [them] and indeed creating opportunities for oneself is what lies at the heart of what we teach."

Tomorrow's leaders need to master working in groups, particularly multicultural groups, says the dean, who adds that leadership is exercised through collaborative workgroup behavior. Students that know how to work in culturally and socially diverse groups will be better equipped to master the critical tasks of team motivation, selling their team on an idea, and eventually leading their team to well-set goals.

The third element that distinguishes Babson's new curriculum is the focus on teaching leaders who understand the role of technology in the business landscape. "Technology is the great equalizer," Tadepalli says. "If tomorrow's leaders don't understand how to use technology for their benefit, they're not going to be effective."

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