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by Vault Education Editors | July 05, 2011


Words of advice from UM-Ross admissions honcho to MBA applicants, particularly the stressed out, impatient ones who can't resist contacting admissions with letters that are “rather inappropriate in tone”:  

[E]very interaction that an applicant has with a school is considered in our admissions decisions - from the way an applicant treats our receptionist to the communications he/she has with members of the Ross community at large, not just the Admissions staff who are perceived as the "gatekeepers" to the school. If in doubt about whether you should hit the "submit" button on a note (or an application for that matter) let it sit for a day or two and review it again, or have a friend or family member review it. Will the receiver see your best self in the note or application? If the answer isn't a resounding "yes," then you should consider revising it until it is.

When writing these notes, remember first to just chill out. Then, use your judgment; show some discernment. Please demonstrate poise. Remember what it means to be professional.

Sounds like the qualities of a good manager, eh?

[Ross Admissions Blog]


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