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Best Summer Associate Programs

Junior lawyers look back on their experiences as summer associates to rate the summer program on attorney interactions, career development, and fun and events.
Survey Methodology

Vault asked junior associates (first-years through third-years) who participated in their current firm’s summer associate program to rate their experience on a scale of 1-to-10 in six different areas. From those ratings, we ranked the best summer associate programs in three categories: Attorney Interactions (based on associates’ scores for meaningful interactions with firm attorneys); Career Development (giving equal weight to associates’ scores for substantive assignments, training and mentoring, and effective preparation for life as an associate); and Fun and Events (giving equal weight to associates’ scores for the quality of events and how fun the program was). The Overall Best Summer Associate Program ranking reflects the average of all six individual ratings (attorney interactions, substantive assignments, training & mentoring, preparation for associate life, events, and fun).

2018 Best Summer Associate Programs

SCORE 9.611
2017 Rank 7
SCORE 9.599
2017 Rank 1
SCORE 9.268
2017 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.193
2017 Rank 14
SCORE 9.054
2017 Rank 3
SCORE 9.037
2017 Rank 12
SCORE 9.000
2017 Rank 17
SCORE 8.955
2017 Rank 9
SCORE 8.844
2017 Rank 22
SCORE 8.758
2017 Rank 15
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