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Best Summer Associate Programs

What are you looking for in a summer program—fun, reality, or a little bit of both?
Survey Methodology

Vault asked junior associates (first-years through third-years) who participated in their current firm's summer associate program to rate their experience on a scale of 1-to-10 in two areas: how well the summer program prepared the associate for life at the firm, and how fun the summer associate program was. The Overall Best Summer Associate Program ranking reflects the average of these two categories.

2015 Best Summer Associate Programs

SCORE 8.816
2014 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.790
2014 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.668
2014 Rank 15
SCORE 8.664
2014 Rank 1
SCORE 8.601
2014 Rank 8
SCORE 8.568
2014 Rank 8
SCORE 8.565
2014 Rank 3
SCORE 8.497
2014 Rank 9
SCORE 8.482
2014 Rank 28
SCORE 8.479
2014 Not Ranked
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