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Best Midsize Law Firms to Work For

Vault’s ranking of the leading midsize firms based on what associates say their work life is really like.
Survey Methodology

To determine Vault's Best Midsize Firms to Work For, we use a formula that weighs the most relevant categories for an overall quality of life ranking at a midsize firm. Associates were asked to rate their firm on a 1-to-10 scale for each of several quality of life categories. Each firm's overall score was calculated using the following formula:

• 25 percent overall satisfaction • 10 percent firm culture • 10 percent hours • 10 percent compensation • 10 percent quality of work •  10 percent informal training, mentoring and sponsorship • 5 percent business outlook • 5 percent career outlook • 5 percent associate/partner relations • 5 percent leadership transparency • 5 percent formal training 

These rankings are based on perceptions of attorneys who work at each firm—some of whom may be biased in favor of (or against) their firms.

2019 Best Midsize Law Firms for Pro Bono

SCORE 9.455
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.364
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.353
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.150
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.000
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.625
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.524
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.471
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.400
2018 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.150
2018 Not Ranked
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