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Great for Intellectual Property

5.0 of 5 stars



Has some stellar IP faculty - Mark Lemley and Paul Goldstein to name a few.


For a school known for its IP curriculum, it has a limited number of IP related courses for offer. Columbia Law School, for instance, seems to have a lot more practitioners offer courses than at SLS.


Best campus ever! The small class size really makes a huge difference. You'll actually get to know your classmates and will actually like them!

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5.0 of 5 stars


Quality of Life

Unparalleled. I think there's really no context in deciding between Stanford and Harvar or anywhere else. The decision is a lifestyle choice between whether you'll be more happy at Yale or Stanford. Visit both, and decide where you feel most comfortable.


Excellent financial aid, convinced me to come across the country. In admissions, there's clearly more of a focus on the whole individual rather than simply numbers. Rightly, I think, Dean Deal's office looks for people who will go on to lead the legal profession, even if their LSAT isn't stratospheric. This may have cost them some ground in the U.S. News rankings the last couple years, but it's a well-conceived long-term strategy. It also ensures that the student body is full of interesting people.



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