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5.0 of 5 stars



The core curriculum is rigorous and is taught by full-time professors of the absolute top quality; the legal writing program is excellent.


During my time as a student, I felt that there was a lack of quality control and/or oversight of adjunct professors, and felt that the business law curriculum was poorly organized and somewhat underdeveloped; however, I believe the school has since taken measures to improve in these regards. I also found the administration to be frustrating at times, particularly in its failure to implement very reasonable changes in response to student feedback.


RWUSOL provides an excellent education that leaves students very well prepared to practice law post graduation. However, the reputation of the school is not well established outside of this region, so certain career opportunities (i.e. big law) are more limited than they would be at a more reputable school.

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4.2 of 5 stars



There is a definite mix of styles, which is great because it immerses you in all types of legal analysis and prepares you for everything.


Essays, LSAT, and GPA are used for admissions. Honor Scholarships (half to full tuition) are given to those with highest LSAT/GPA combinations.

3.8 of 5 stars



The classes are great - the faculty is top notch and very engaging. There is a strong balance of theory and practical study. The Socratic method is typical during the first year, and is used by some professors the second year. The classes have roughly 60 students each in the first year, with the exception of the legal writing class, which has approximately 10 students. During the second year, the classes are small, ranging anywhere from 6 students to 40 students. The clinics are top notch, and the faculty is as good as it gets. The clinics provide opportunities to argue motions and try cases.

Quality of Life

The campus is beautiful. The moot courtroom and trial room are very impressive. Housing is relatively cheap in Bristol, and both Newport and Providence are within driving distance - many student choose to live in these beautiful cities. The neighborhood is safe and quiet for studying. That being said, there is still plenty of places to have fun. Overall, Bristol is a beautiful and tranquil place to study law. The law school is right next to the fitness facility, which is included in tuition. There is a also a dining hall right next door with excellent food.


The application process is relatively straightforward. The LSAT score is not demanding. There are some fantastic scholarship opportunities. Specifically, there are some targeted toward certain areas, such as the public interest program (1/2 scholarship) and the honors program (1/2 and full scholarships). The public interest program selects 2-5 scholars annually.

3.3 of 5 stars



A very rigorous class schedule first year of law school. Professors expect a lot of you and push you to the limit in class your first year. During 2nd and 3rd year less socratic method and more about the substance of the law and learning application. Excellent directed research opportunities with professors. I did a directed research with a professor who is one of the nation's leading voices on labor and employment law issues.

Quality of Life

Student groups and organizations were very active and there was plenty to get involved in. I joined over 5 organizations and was able to be reasonable active in those organizations during the three year program.


Financial aid and scholarship opportunities were more attractive than other schools.