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Date: 2011


The classes have been amazing. The Socratic method varies from professor to professor, but none will try to embarrass a student. While it is competitive, it's also a very laid back community of students. No one is tearing pages out of books, and if you miss a class you'll have plenty of offers from people to share notes. As for our faculty, they are amazing. Jim Cox is one of the leaders in the fields of corporate law and securities regulation. He teaches both classes and makes himself available to his students. Joseph Blocher is a young constitutional law professor who will probably be a huge name in the field someday.


Cost of living in Durham is pretty great. Almost no one lives on campus at the law school, but there are a plethora of affordable housing options in the area. Durham is not the safest city, but it is no more dangerous than some of the big cities in the country, and as long as you keep your eyes open and are smart about it, there's nothing to worry about. The facilities at the law school are fantastic. The library has everything a law student needs and is filled with natural light from floor to ceiling windows. The research librarians all have JDs and are unbelievably good at finding even the most obscure research materials. Duke's campus is open to law students, giving us access to a great gym, many dining options, and, of course, legendary Cameron Indoor Stadium for Duke basketball games.


Pretty standard application process for a T-14 school, good scholarship opportunities.



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