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Good for undergradutes

3.0 of 5 stars

February 2017 | FORMER STUDENT


For undergraduate, the best part is they have COOP opportunities. And they receive a lot of help from the school career center. According to what I know, students received their internships in National Geographic and CBS in their junior years.
The equipment room is fancy and has enough high-end equipment such as digital cameras, lights, tripod and so on. Students are able to borrow them easily with the permit from their advisors.
Small class ranging from 10-30. This allows the professor to understand every students, and good communication between the students and professors.


For graduates, you don't have the COOP opportunities. Thus, you have fewer resources and help from the career department.


Design you career path at the first day you came into the school.
Get involved actively in the school media organization such as Drexel TV to practice your skills.

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