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Date: 2011


There is a core curriculum that everyone must take, though there are many ways to fulfill it. I.e. two math, two natural science. two English, six language/culture, two social science. It is easy to get rid of these quickly, and AP credit helps. You are assigned an advisor through one of four programs, and then receive a new one from your major department when you declare a major (by the end of sophomore year). Classes range from big lectures to small seminars. Classes are competitive, but everyone helps each other succeed. Grading is generally fair. Many faculty perform cutting edge research, and it's possible to help out as an undergrad and even do your own research. Studying abroad is definitely easy if you plan ahead. Lots of homework, as to be expected.


Housing is okay, but living with all freshman is nice. Lottery system allows you to choose housing each year, though most juniors and seniors live off campus. The library is great, though sometimes hard to find a table during midterms/finals. "Off-campus" is literally across the street, and because of our focus on the community we get along well with our surrounding towns, and host events for them often. Apparently we have the highest crime rate, though anyone on campus would say they feel safe (though use common sense: don't walk alone at night). 99% of the people I meet absolutely love Tufts.


The school has ED1 and ED2, though I applied Regular Decision. It took the Common App, but also had a few additional essays. One was optional, and there were many rather unique questions to choose from. I chose to "write a short story entitled 'House of Cards.'" It provided some financial aid, but no merit scholarships. I, however, received a merit scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Competition which Tufts participated in.



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