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I personally was in the Business School, and I thought that our class sizes were really nice- about 40 at most for any class. Some of my liberal arts classes were larger- 80 at the largest- which was still manageable and also easy to avoid overall. Grading was fair. I feel like a large portion of the school takes the opportunity to study abroad- and the school definitely encourages it and makes it easy to set up. There are lots of options through Georgetown, and I know that if there isn't something for you, the school works with you to find something else. Competitiveness was at a healthy level- enough to motivate me, but not enough to discourage camaraderie.

Quality of Life

Housing is great- you are required to live on campus for the first two years which is actually very nice since finding housing off campus can be daunting and expensive. The nice part about having a relatively small campus is that everything is close together- the dining hall is down the hill from the library, both of which were a 5 minute walk from about every school housing facility. I always felt safe walking around the neighborhood- campus securing not only patrolled campus, but also the surrounding neighborhoods. The DC also sweep through the area at night, and just walking around you see other students all over, no matter what time of day.


Pretty normal admissions, early action and no early decision. You have to choose which college to apply to when you apply to the university, but once you are in, as long as you have decent grades you can transfer among the colleges fairly easily.

Graduation Year


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