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4.3 of 5 stars
Date: 2011


We have distribution requirements in various areas of academics. Average class size: 23 students. We are paired with an academic advisor based on academic interests. After 5 terms of residence, we choose our own faculty advisory for our major. Professors and administration all have open office hours. There are a variety of research opportunities on campus through professors and student groups. We have a high degree of academic caliber expected on campus, but I wouldn't say the actual environment is too competitive. We want to do well, but, at least for me, for my own's sake. I don't compare myself with other students but try to be at the least average. Grading is different depending on your classes with each professor expecting something different. Classes are very difficult, and the average of three classes a term is definitely enough work. We have foreign study abroads, language study abroads, and exchange programs with the opportunity of studying abroad up to three times. These programs are very accessible; you just have to seek them out yourself.


I love my housing, and I have a great roommate. The cost of living in general on campus is high here. I love the campus. It's intimate, and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful college campuses where it feels like you're getting the quintessential college experience. Dining plans are changing for next year, and I'm not too happy with the new plans. They haven't been set in stone, so we'll see how that goes in the future. I feel very safe here. Crime isn't nonexistent, but it feels like it is for the most part. Overall, I'm content and glad I chose to come here. Work can be stressful though.


I filled out the Common App and had to have a peer recommendation. I partook in an interview in my hometown. I was a regular decision student.



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