Resume Basics


Why You Need a Résumé

As helpful as social media and sites such as LinkedIn are, a traditional resume is still a...

Resumes Are Not Only for Job Searches

You will find that your résumé is an invaluable tool, applicable in many situations. For those...

Starting a Résumé from Scratch

For those at the beginning of their career, the old adage of “I need experience before I can...

Types of Resumes

Before you begin writing your resume, it helps to be familiar with different types of resumes...

Know Your Reader

In all forms of writing, including resumes and cover letters, the most important question to...

General Resume Formatting Issues

For all things resume, less is generally more. Your resume is not an exercise in seeing how...

Writing Your Resume Step-by-Step

The blank page can be intimidating. Take some advice from other writers—you have some options....

Putting It All Together for Your Resume

"A real benefit to preparing your résumé is that none of your prep work will go to waste. Every...

Using Alternate Headings in Your Resume

Education and work history are two headings that most people include on a resume. Many...

The Top Third of Your Resume

If your resume is a first impression, the first glance—and the top section of the resume in...

The Professional Experience Section

The professional experience section is, essentially the “meat” of the resume for most, and for...

The Education Section

Your education, while not always a primary focus of the resume, is an important section to...

How to Include Additional Information

Some situations require that additional information be included when an obvious spot isn’t...

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

Employers may receive thousands of resumes for one position. Because of this, they are often...

What Not to Include in Your Resume

Some things are inappropriate for a resume or simply better not to include. Here are some rules...

Creating Your LinkedIn Profile and Plain Text Resume

When submitting to job sites/boards, etc., you'll want two versions of your resume. A...

Delivering Your Cover Letter and Resume

When conducting a job search, be prepared to submit your resume in a variety of formats and...

Resume Advice (from the Blog)

Chronological Resumes

Chronological resumes list most recent jobs first.
35 Samples

Functional Resumes

Functional resumes list skills and achievements first, then work history.
13 Samples

Combination Resumes

Combination resumes use elements from chronological and functional formats.
29 Samples

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