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People are extremely helpful and friendly -- always asking if I needed anything. Great opportunities for exposure to human capital projects.


People are oustanding, you get what you put in, if you work hard and try to add value you are rewarded with ownership and new opportunities. Tons of learning opportunities. Everyone is always looking out for interns, department-wide social gatherings, interns are paid overtime, really manageable hours,


Research projects, not a ton of formal intra-office internship events

Advice to Potential Interns

Demonstrate interest, constantly try to add value to the organization and you will find that your effort and ability is rewarded with additional responsibility and ownership opportunities.

Advice to Management

Less focus on research, more focus on client work. I understand that some offices might not have enough work for interns, but our office had ample opportunity to get involved in client work, and I wish I did not need to balance the research with requests to help with client deliverables.

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